Media Management Gets Hands On With Nero Kwik Media

Nero Kwik Media

Nero software publisher and developer has recently released a free to download media management software called Nero Kwik Media. The media management software Nero Kwik Media comes with major system upgrades that will result in better and improved performance for users in contexts like tagging, photo organizer, video and music editor etc.

The Kwik Media from Nero also includes a function that will generate slides and photobooks from pictures. The function embedded in the program is compatible to support multiple file program generation using different plug ins. One can also find ease in transferring and storing the important files from and to DVDs as well as the Blu rays.  

The recent release includes all the major modifications it has in its earlier version and as plus features to them it combined an automotive timeline for files. A all new face tag system is incorporated into it using which will make the user to easily trace files of images, videos with a person’s name. In terms of folder structure and categorization, meta data detailing, tag filtering etc, the Nero Kwik Media has received the most comprehensive customization capabilities. Surely this will make the media management of the users easy, convenient and time saving. All the albums, slideshows etc that users will be developing using the program are now further updateable with its automatic update function. Any new image or video file you input in the database with tag will automatically get replicated along the already presented databases.

Apart from managing the static and dynamic files, the Nero Kwik Media combines music ripping feature. You can rip audio content in to lossless FLACs. This lossless transfer will include MP3 and AAC compatibility. The program has faster speed to perform on these tasks.

The Nero Kwik Media is available as freeware for download in its limited edition form. If you require to use the full version you need purchase its add ons and plug ins. The program runs on Windows OSs and requires single GB free hard drive with 512 RAM and 2 GHz processor speed. If you are using Windows Live Movie Maker or that VLC player then Nero Kwik Media will certainly give your works an accent.

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