Titanium Internet Security 2013 From Trend Micro – Manage Computer & Social Media Accounts

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2013

The well-known computer security product developer and publisher the Trend Micro has recently released its upgraded and updated consumer security family product the Titanium Internet Security 2013. The latest release from the publisher includes a social media privacy scanner that will check your social media page settings. For example, if you have a Facebook account the security program will check your Facebook account’s page settings to send you notifications about potential problems. This will give you a good control over the Facebook tagging features.

The Titanium Internet Security 2013 includes a component called Trend Micro SafeGuard that compatibly runs with Windows 8 OS to secure your browsing. The functional capabilities of the program are designed as such to give Windows 8 users a complete protection coverage of their OS usage starting from the machine start up to turning it off.

Two major areas of improvement in the Titanium Internet Security 2013 were antivirus and antiphising mechanisms. They combined the online back up space, secure storage, theft protection, control for parents, password manager and many more. While the program got extensive list of features and functions, its look and usability remained simple for most novice users. While compared with other security programs, the Titanium Internet Security 2013 stands out as the worthy choice for users. The Titanium Internet Security 2013 is available in exchange of fees.

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