XtraFinder 0.8.4 For Apple

Available as a freeware the XtraFinder 0.8.4 is a new release for Apple that is designed to work effectively enough in relation with user needs as the Finder tool from Apple itself has limited capacity to deliver what the user wants. Given, most add ons for Apple Finder do not function properly the XtraFinder is now here to slack down on your hassles.

Check out the XtraFinder 0.8.4 that supports multitab finder windows saving your time by searching on separate locations at a time. It combines both the ‘Copy to’ and ‘Move to’ functions as you right click on the folder or file icon. With listed features like New File, Refresh and Show Hidden Items you can selectively conduct your search. The XtraFinder 0.8.4 also gets the Launch as Root feature. All you need to do is get the preference settings set prior the search. The Mac Finder add on is also capable to regulate the results in organized manner. Its folder views can be arranged for better navigation on the core drives with horizontal and vertical scrolling system. You can even cut paste the files and folders by quick fire movement. The new XtraFinder add on for Mac has multitab feature that can allow you to flip the folders across drives. This multitab function is set default when you get it. If you do not prefer to keep it ticked then untick it from the preference settings.

If you have been running the earlier versions of XtraFinder 0.8.4 then before getting the new upgrade, make sure the old add on is remove from your system. Only after the removal the new one can be installed. There is, however, no shortcut of getting the old on upgraded to the new version.  While the XtraFinder 0.8.4 is a mere finder add on for Mac the developer is working consistently to make changes with its features while the new multitab feature is going to stay with the product for long. The program is compatible with most OS versions while for some you might need to disable the Gatekeeper function in Mountain Lion. Try the XtraFinder 0.8.4 today.

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