AM Software Launches UltraSearch 1.7 Version


Am software has announced the launch of UltraSearch 1.7 version. The new version comes as an improvement and update of the initial MFT search tool.

Even though it shares a lot of similarities with the previous tools, it is better because it does not waste resources. It has the ability to access NTFS files directly. Even more importantly, it is able to get the results at a higher speed of less than two seconds. It is easier to equivalent matches for patterns in a more flexible manner. The good news is that the new program has been equipped with the necessary tools to identify NTFS hard links. Even though it is only possible on the system drive, it can perform the task on different configuration options.

The number of improvements included in the new build is simply amazing. There is a switch to help in launching programs in the event that windows boot. This is one of the practical improvements included in the build to make it user friendly. The build has an index that dos not have to be refreshed manually before detecting files. All the changes are identified and the program updates itself in an automatic manner. Moreover, it is also advantageous because the memory has been effectively reduced and the search speed is now even better. To make it easy for use and faster, there are bugs that have been mashed and compressed. It can be plausibly argued that the limitations of this build have been minimized with users having a lot to benefit from the UltraSearch 1.7. It promises to be an excellent program that is not only fast but also good for NTFS files. Users are able to search fold names and file names only but not contents. Perhaps, this is seen as its major drawback and disadvantage.

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