A New LibreOffice Version Is Launched With Better Features


LibreOffice is a new office suite that has a number of famous bugs and is more stable. The program comes at a time when Microsoft Office is facing stiff competition from other office suites that are emerging.

LibreOffice has better and newer features and options that make it a better suite compared to the rest. The general stability has been improved because the program has improvements in all the major areas. It is an office suite that promises to be more beneficial to business people especially because of the improvements. The version is more reliable because it comes with bug fixes for windows and OS X versions. Most of the areas of the suite have been fundamentally altered including the crashes. The new tool has addressed the predicaments that users face when they open and save files in different formats. Even more importantly, the LibreOffice has also addressed the issue of word count and creation of better PDF features.

The launch of LibreOffice version is definitely a statement to what a brilliant mind can achieve. The program has been able to address the issues facing the display of footnotes especially when the mouse is moved. The footnotes have been managed because they are displayed on a single line to make it easy when reading. There have also been more spreadsheet capacities and features to make the tool more user-friendly. For instance, it is able to paste data between cells in an easy manner. LibreOffice is going to be a favorite for many people because of its compatibility with older version of software. It is also easy to use because there are fewer problems to encounter when one wants to open files in multiple formats. All the problems that arise from the creation of PDF features have also been addressed as well as the word count issues.

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