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Try the Snaps, the genuine photo manager and viewer that completely unlike other digital photo collection manager as it can restore and reorganize our image library for real. Recently the Snaps 0.3.9 version released that promises lots of important functionalities and make the program a useful one.

Soon after installing the program it will start collecting image files and will import all your photos. If your files are stored scattered, then you need to select each folder locations for the program to work effectively. The Snaps combine a thumbnail viewer that will make your image or photo file search easy. With its calendar sorting system you can organize the images per date, date, month or year. The manager also has strong tagging system that can be set to files along the program database and on the Google map. Whether it is tags or geotags, the Snaps allow you to press different information over the images as metadata. It works as a complete search tool to find any of your images that you have forgot for long. The program is compatible with social media and online sharing sites. You can easily upload your images and photos from Snap to Facebook with a single click. You can also share your collection over Picasa or Flickr.

The new photo manager and editor is still to get some improvement over its navigational functionalities. As if you try different image viewing options, it might give you hard time. The interface is inconsistent and the program often gets to restart when too many commands get the program busy for executions. For sure, Snaps has things that many other photo manager and editors have been promising to users. Still with the tiny adjustment it can excel the expectations. Still, we recommend Snaps as your photo organizer and manager as long it is capable to give your photo and image collection a discipline.

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