WMI Code Creator Is Launched

WMI Code Creator

WMI Code Creator has been launched with features that are less technical and easy for the novice user. It has more management capabilities and improvements. It is a simple and basic tool that will benefit even the non developers.

It is easy to maneuver through the methods, classes as well as namespaces. This is the reason why it does not need an expert to use it and non developers will be able to benefit from it. It is easy to use and one will need to click on the query data tab so as to select the appropriate class that is more appealing. After the command, the results will display all the properties that total to58. There are lists of items that are in line to the class that the WMI Code Creator has identified. You will also encounter all the necessary system details that will be necessary for the script details. This will make your work easy as you use the new WMI Code Creator tool. Among the system information details it displays include Usernames, the domain, the manufacturer and the power management capabilities.

The code creator tool is easy to use. After browsing the list of the available items and making a proper selection, the program will be able to automatically display the right VBScript. It is also possible to make a selection of more than one item. Yet at the core of it, viewing the results will be an easy task because the program executes itself automatically. However, this depends on the tolerance of the security software that you are using to run the scripts. WMI Code Creator can also be used to check out the name spaces on the computer. Importantly, it gives the user an opportunity to not only effect methods but also receive events. It is a good program that does not consume a lot of space as it occupies only 121KB. The only shortcoming of the program is the fact that some parameters that are difficult to comprehend usually arise when one want to perform a method.

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