FlicFlac Program Is Now Available To Help Reduce Audio Conversion


The conversion of audio files to different formats has been made easier and faster by the introduction of FlicFlac program. Previously, the process seemed to be cumbersome and complicated. FlicFlac has made the process simple and easier. The old process you needed to browse for codec and profiles, know the encoding methods, and match the bit rates and many more activities. All this process is just a click of a button and selects the output that you want; the rest of the process is executed.

FlicFlac audio conversion process reduces this long time process of conversion. The software is portable and has a capacity of 896KB. It is downloaded and can be used in any computer operating system. It is easier and simple to use as you need to click on the selected item and drag to the format that you require. Once the program is downloaded, you can unzip it by archiving it where is needed.

FlicFlac software has five buttons of preferred output. These are; APE, FLAC, MP3, WAV and OGG. The music clip or track of any file format is dragged into the preferred output. This program also uses many other version tools such as LAME.EXE and FLAC.EXE among others. Each output selected comes with some encoding options that are different from each file output format. However, through the help of INI file, you can personalize lot of low level aspects in working with this software.

Unfortunately, FlicFlac audio conversion application has some demerits on its use; it is obvious that some file formats are not supported by it. The file can be supported but with limited control over its conversion process. However, the five output file format is adequate and enough for your work. FlicFlac is an open source that downloaded and offers you with enough credits to your file formats.

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