SnapCrab Is Now Available For Clear And Accurate Screenshots


SnapCrab is a new tool suitable for taking screenshots. It offers most of the features found in Snaglt with a well organized package for users.

Snapcrab is beneficial to bloggers or even software reviewers. If you are a gamer who is yearning for easy ways of taking screenshots, the new tool is all you need to make your work easy. It is good for users who want a much more advanced tool compared to the ordinary snapping tools. This app is a commercial tool that can be termed as a hotkey and comes with easy functionality. It makes it easy for users to come up with keyboard shortcuts and create selections of active windows. With the tool, it is easy to have automatic naming of files because the new app comes with numerous options. The files can be named according to the date, program or time with many variables to choose from. It is up to the user to decide whether to have the cursor included or not. Your images can be saved in a number of ways such as PNG.

After capturing images, you can resize them automatically. It is in many ways good news for people who own website owners because it creates the much needed uniformity for all the images that are being used. Setting up shots is equally an easy task because of the presence of the tier option. It can pay a significant role in delaying a capture. As such, the user has a good chance to take a good shot and had the best capture. It is easy to grab an RGB or any Hex color for all images you see on the screen. The new app has been equipped with a color capture option to make this possible. The SnapCrab review page is available for users who want to find out more information about the new app.

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