A New SmokeScreen Is Now Available To Help You Use Your PC Privately


SmokeScreen software is a responsible program that provides the features to your privacy. The program maintains the PC privacy through minimizing all your system windows.

There are several programs used in PCs system around the world to hide the activities those people do on their computer screen. These program are commonly used by individuals who do not want other people to know, want exactly they are doing on their computers. However, the program is actually more complicated and has many features. It is suitable for your privacy when browsing for any information in a public environment and you do not want to reveal your information to anybody passing-by.

This application will create a desktop grab that will show various applications on it. Your browser, calculator located maybe in the corner, explorer window elsewhere in the desktop, and many more application are arranged and any passer-by cannot realize what exactly you are doing on the screen at just by a glance.  However, if the passer-by takes a little time to watch over what you are doing on the screen, then it is possible to realize the activities you are engaged in on the screen. In addition, it is impossible to do or execute any other program while you are on grab.

The critical decision that you must make, is how you intend to execute the program in the system. Move the mouse to one of the edge or corner of the computer monitor, launch Smoke-Screen using mouse wheel scroll and click either of the button.  The best option depends on you. This is how you use the PC and how you will activate the programs, you want in your system. The setup process is simple and straightforward. It only requires you to launch the program from its tray icon of the system.  Taking and displaying a screen grab is simple, easy and faster and it can really work in your system.

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