Winpatrol 2013 Is Launched To Protect Your PC From Unwanted Changes

Winpatrol 2013

WinPatrol 2013 is the latest brand and new version of BillP Studios. It is a snap-based security tool responsible for all alerts to notify you on attempts of program needed to make changes to key positions of your PC. The 26.0.2013 version only focuses on creating the program in windows 8 and it is user friendly than the previous version.

It highly tweaks the settings in the program to allow new conventions of windows 8. Internet Explorer 10-cookie storage is the new conventions. The software is available in a free download edition and a paid-for Plus edition. However, the paid-for plus version has more and advanced features compared to free download version. The free download version creates a critical system resources snapshot during installation process, alerting the user about major changes that might have occurred without your knowledge. The alerts are purposely to inform you about the availability of malware present in system updates. Apparently, the program is used to monitor your system is new applications with potential installation of resource hogging.  The previous version of the program was compatible with windows 8 however; the new Pro version contains new features such as minor numbers and most of unspecified tweaks to make sure the application works with new changes to windows 8.

Nevertheless, the free version of WinPatrol 2013 is sufficient for you, but you cannot use it to support any future development of your computer system. However, it does not have many features that you can use to manipulate its functions. It is possible to upgrade to a Plus Pro version that will cost you less to install it in your PC system. WinPatrol 26.0 2013 is the latest free version downloaded.

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