Solid Renamer Is Released To Help You Manage You File Names Effectively

Solid Renamer is now available and makes renaming of names in windows explorer to be easy. It is now one of the most reliable batch processing tools. It makes it easy for you to manage your existing file names.

Internet downloaded files do not follow a sensible text content or conventions. This problem notice most files that leave out important information creating difficulties of identifying the exact key words. The file includes unwanted extras in the file such as dates, numeric IDs and the mixed of lower case and upper case. It is easy to rename more than two names in a web browser especially Windows Explorer. It is possible to use Solid renamer installed in the computer system. The batch processing software works by creating rules that process the present file names in different ways.

The software tool provides you with five options to use. First is to “trim”, trimming is a process of removing the text from a specific position of the available file names.  Second option is to insert the text, and then you can enumerate it allowing you to increase the numbers to your created files. Next replace and change case that changes each name in different ways. All these options are easily configured.  If you want to add numbers to any file name, you are allowed to choose any number leading nil or zeros. It should have a starting value and the number position is included in the file name.

The program gives you an opportunity to combine as many rules as possible. You can easily decide to set up an application to eliminate dates from the file name and replace it with text content. You can also change the case style and add numbers to the file.  It seems to be complicated but this is not a disturbing issue. What you need is to solve the problem created by downloaded files. The program is suitable for authors and internet researchers who really depend on the internet for research purposes. Try free download software in your computer system.

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