Piriform Announces Updates Of Its Defrag Utility Tool, The Defraggler


Defraggler is updated by Piriform with defrag utility of windows. It is supported with Windows Server 2012. In addition to this, defraggler 2.12 application supports NTFS drives while controlling most of scheduled defrags. Defraggler 2.12 has a capability of tweaking the interface of the user, adding many other small tweaks and fixing minor bugs succession. The version 2.12 is upgraded version of defraggler 2.11 used to add support to Windows 8. There are great improvements of noteworthy in the new version. The version allows the users to control over programmed defrag process letting them to prevent defragmentation automatically from their occurrence in other already running processes.

It is easy to install or setup the features of this program; select the settings necessary for the procedure and these are, the schedule, select the drive to defrag, then tick on volume defragmentation and finally set up the schedule. Continue the process by applying additional conditions and never initiate a task if the involved processes are working.  Defraggler 2.12 version gives best performance, which increases large fragments placements approximately 100M in capacity. The program is capable of adding an advanced crash reports to update different tweaks and translations.

The improved usability of GUI for tweaks and translations also improves to unspecified minor bug fix of numbers. This application is freeware software downloaded to suit all PC with Windows XP Software installed in the system. The recent versions of operating system also are compatible to the Defraggler 2.12 versions. The program detects SSD drives automatically and it warns you if you try to defragment the drives. If you attempt to create an operation without any benefit to the performance of SSD drive will automatically lead to shortened life span of the drive. The program does not interfere with the normal functioning of system performance.

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