The Start Screen Customizer For Windows 8

Start Screen Customizer

In logging into Windows Operating System the first thing to appear on the screen is Windows 8 start screen. However, there is a way that you can use to skip the process and go straight to your desktop menu. Start screen displays features of windows 8 OS. It is easier and simple to customize the desktop background. The option for customization a lot and any user can choose one from the 20 background options available. The program is configured with operating system to work properly.

Start screen as locked by the Microsoft Corporation to give you the option of personalizing your computer desktop. The good news is that in windows 8, users have options of selecting and personalizing their individual photos to desktop background. However, this privilege is not granted to you when dealing with important and crucial sections of the operating system. For instance, when professionally done, it is possible to change the start screen background image. The start screen customizer for windows 8 was first launched earlier this year which was very difficult to use and adopt. But it has been customized since then and the current version is simple and easier to adopt. It is advisable to create a system restore point before running this program in your system. The reason for this is that the program is still in beta with 64 bit version.

Start screen customizer contains a 7-zip file therefore; archive software is needed to unpack it in the computer system. If archive software is not available, any software that supports 7-zip format can do a similar job. This program is safe to use and it’s trusted since its malware free application. However the need to change extension of the file to .exe from .ex_ is important to avoid any outcomes. The customizer is an easy to use program for any computer user.

Download Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer

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