You Can Now Use F.Lux To Take Control Of Your Monitor Color Temperature


F.lux software has now hit the market as a very simple and free application capable of using your time, date, and location to determine your sunrise density all day long and night. With the program, you will be in a position to automatically adjust the screen temperature to a desirable temperature.

It is simple and easier to solve the problem associated with eyes when you spend most of your time on your computer screen. The problem leads to your eyes feeling tired and itching, and this is caused by the poor adjustment of screen color temperature. Most monitors are set with very high color temperature that is suitable and appropriate during day light but as good during night hours viewing. Sometimes leads to sleepiness related problem.

It may seem to be drastic but it actually works in the really life. The benefits are not only for screen temperature adjustment, it also helps you as the user to get a variety of new schemes that are much more comfortable for a longer time of viewing.  It is easier and simple to change the settings to your desirable option. What you need to do is to set the position of your location precisely and accordingly. Give information concerning your color temperature that you would like to use during the day and night to service providers.

Set how often and quick the color temperature program will change or shift from one to another. Unfortunately, F.lux program is not for everyone. It service is not effective in a closed room or where you need 100 percent color temperature to design your work. There are specific conditions necessary for the program to effective. Weather changes during the day and night hours contribute to an ineffectiveness of the program. However, you can disable the program to adjust the color temperature accordingly.

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