Track Your Browser History With MiTec’s Internet History Browser

Mitec Internet History Browser

MiTec Internet History Browser is a tool that can be used gather all the histories of the main browsers in your system. The history can be displayed in a single interface so that it is easy for you to find your browser history

It is possible to forget great web page you once visited and it was useful and helpful to you. If it is difficult for you to remember the exact page that you visited, there is a solution.  It is easier to view all pages or browser history and get information that you once read and you really need it. However, it is difficult for you to view the exact browser page that you really need especially when your PC has a multiple of installed browsers. It is challenging and difficult task as it looks to you. To make the process simpler and faster, run a free MiTec Internet History Browser in your computer system.

MiTec Internet History Browser collects all your Histories present in the main browsers in your system. Main browsers include Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari and Chrome. These browser sites displays on the screen as a simple and single interface. To launching main browser program, there is a description provided in the web page known as “Scan this machine. The browser interrogates the histories, assembles them into one database folder, and easily highlights all titles that have been visited previously. Chronological report provided to you, helps you to identify the particular web page that you are looking for.

The page of your interest is displayed when you click on its URL link open option where the page is displayed in the default browser. You can as well use specific key words to search for a particular page. For example, you can type in words like “Facebook” the search history filters the entire report to give a fully list of page under the keywords typed in. the program saves the history in a file known as DAT in the database. The file is executable and it means that you can use the history browser in other computers to the pages they visit.

Download MiTec Internet History Browser

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