Deskman Is Now Available If You Want To Restrict Your PC


DeskMan is a new program that you can now use to restrict your PC especially if there are aspects that you want to be accessed only be specific people.

PCs that are used in institutions where there are many people need these restrictions. For instance, a system in schools, businesses, or hospitals need restrictions and this can be achieved if you install Deskman. As long as there are specific recommendations, other users will not be able to access the system. DeskMan comes with a lot of functionalities and other easy to use features. Even though it appears simple from the first look, users will be surprised at the capabilities of the program after they have accessed and browsed the tabs. It is simple to build a safe start menu and give it the applications that you want users to access.  If you want the regular start up menu to be accessed by only you, you can hide it from other users and make it invisible.  The tool can also restrict the programs that you want to be run through the use of the freeze option. It is indeed the right way to take control of your browsing and allow only specific sites to be accessed. This tool is very fundamental and necessary for an institution that uses PCs and needs only specific programs to be accessed. If it is a school, the students will only be able to visit sites that the institution has permitted. Moreover, the DeskMan program can also be used for home PCs to restrict the children from accessing some sites and programs that are meant for a different age group.

With DeskMan, the user can set up a desktop option that includes specific shortcuts, applications and programs. DeskMan will not only restore them but also man them so that other users are not in a position to access them.

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