Retroshare Is Released


RetroShare is a new cross platform tool that comes in handy especially if you face difficulties while using social networks. If you encounter any problems related to spam, advertisements or privacy issues, the program can be of great help.

RetroShare comes with a set of distinct features that are also user friendly. Apart from voice chats, it offers instant messaging, file sharing and an array of forums. You can adjust it so that you contact people that you have invited or you have a peer to peer form of communication. Setting it up is not easy and may seem an uphill task for novice users. The situation is more complicated because the software encrypts your connections with GPG. This simply means that the user will need to generate a key as an identity. If you want to authenticate the connection with friends, the keys have to be exchanged. The creation of the key is not a difficult task because the user will only be required to fill in a form. On top of this, exchanging the keys is only done once.

RetroShare also comes with its share of drawbacks.  For instance, there are problems reported especially when you try to connect behind the firewall. However, if you have a good set up, using this program is very easy. There are just few configurations needed and all of them are clearly and accurately explained in the official documentation of the app. If you want to explore the features of the app, browsing the toolbar can help to reveal everything. You will encounter file sharing, chat rooms, email type systems as well as instant messaging. Adding the forms is unlimited and one can add as many as possible in line with how he and his friends want to use them. Above all, it is equally possible to authenticate messages within the forums.

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