Fatbatt Ensures That Your PC Battery Lives Long


Making using of your Laptop while in transit entails the use of different source of power to recharge the battery. The amount of time you can use your laptop without having to plug it into a power source is really very crucial and important to any laptop user whether  the laptop is brand new one or an old one with an aging battery. If you haven’t realized yet that the life span of your laptops battery can be boosted; the FatBatt app does exactly that for you.

FatBatt App has several features. The first thing it does for you is to tell you how long the charged battery will take to be fully discharged. If you know beforehand when you need to plug back your computer into a power source it helps you to plan ahead how to make use of the battery you have and when next you will be re-charging it.

In addition to that, FatBatt also offers you tools that will help you to increase and boost the life span of your battery. If you have any application running on your computer that is wearing away your battery resources, FatBatt will send you a warning note to turn it off. One of the simplest ways to boost your battery’s life is to decrease screen brightness and the speed of the processor.

FatBatt makes it very easy to do this with just a click. It allows you to switch between home and the move mode with just a click. It also allows you to do adjustment of the battery setting depending on your location.  It does this by identifying the network you are using. Take for instance, when you are working at home or in the office, there is every possibility that you will have a power source to plug your computer to. In such instances, you don’t need any forceful power saver but when you are on the move and connected to a network in a restaurant or coffee shop, you definitely need an violent power saving setting to make your battery last longer.

FatBatt is accessible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 laptops. The price of the software is $14.99, but you have the choice of downloading the free version from the review page to test the functionality before you make up your mind if you will go for the paid version.

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