Funny Photo Maker For Photo Transformation

funny photo maker

Funny Photo Maker is now available and can be used to transform any standard photo and make it unique. It is a unique tool that can yield excellent results.

Funny Photo Maker is more than just an ordinary photo editor. It can be used to take a face of a particular image and place it on a different image. It is easy to use the tool and all the user is required to do is open the portrait shot and go straight to the edit option.  The next step is to select the face that you would wish to use. If you proceed to browse the program, you will be able to see all the capabilities that it has to offer especially through the templates option. There is a lot incorporated in the magazine option of this tool. Apart from Cosmopolitan, it also has covers for GQ, Allure and Vogue. You only have to click on this in order to get the display of the picture that you want. For instance, if you and your friends have a lot of interest in Hollywood, it is possible to aspect on posters such as Twilight, Avatar or lord of rings.


Funny Photo Maker has a lot of inventive frames as well as clovers. You only need to click once and you will have your image displayed in an art gallery or you can also have your photos displayed in time square. There are simply many options where you can have your photos displayed. There are also extra standard effects included especially if you need more advanced options. For instance, you can include more lighting effects and add snow to your image.  The tool also comes with a basic editor where you can make few changes to your image such as sharpening or simply tweaking the brightness of the image. Moreover, the editor also enables users to add text caption and adjust the contrast.

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