It Is Now Easy To View Or Edit Raw Images Using The New Scarab Darkroom Tool


A New Raw converter tool has been launched. Scarab Darkroom comes with full compatibility with cameras such as Panasonic, Nikon, Olympus, Sony and Samsung.

The software can be downloaded and installed in the system. Its easy user interface will make the installation process to be easy. It has a straightforward interface that even novice users will not find it to be an uphill task when executing functions. The folders and drivers are easily displayed on your PC’s screen and navigation is quite an easy task. After going to RAW images folder, the thumbnails will become visible and this makes it easy to identify the pictures that you want. The buttons located above the thumbnails come with a lot of viewing options.  For instance, users can zoom, crop or rotate the images.  On top of this, it will also be easy to drag the picture using the mouse and zoom it appropriately. This is a strong indication that it will be an easy task to examine the details of a particular photo even if it is a high resolution type.

The Scarab Darkroom tool is simply a strategy driven by ideas. Clicking the adjustable tab brings more options and accords the users more tweaks for maximum exposure. The user can take total control of the contrast, light and brightness of the photo. The same case applies to the sharpness and the colors of the images. The tool also comes in handy when you need to make any changes to the pictures and update them accordingly. Needles to say,   users can also be able to transfer the settings to clipboards and the features of the tool promise easy restoration of the same settings. There are also more features such as noise filtering and all these are available in the commercial build. Scarab is obviously an excellent tool that is going to feature incredible rankings because of its simple and user friendly interface.

Download Scarab Darkroom

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