Use Freegate And Protect Your Privacy When Browsing


Being able to hide your IP address with the use of anonymous proxies is a good privacy tool which perhaps will allow you to visit websites that have restrictions depending on your IP address.

The technology used for this purpose could be complicated and it also could affect your network settings as well as the online performance but Freegate is a tool which proves that it is not so.

This 2.75 MB program doesn’t require installation and there are no additional layers of network to make things difficult for you. When the program is closed, your computer will be back to normal.

Also, it is easy to use. The opening screen which will appear only once will ask you whether you want to use the servers of its own or Chinese servers which are restricted. (This program was developed for China but it could be used anywhere.) Freegate will find a few servers quickly and will redirect your web traffic via these servers.

Once the program starts you will get a browser window of a Chinese-language site. Other than that there are no adware to worry about. (Even the browser launch could be turned off with settings.)

There are some good options for configuration also such as deleting the browsing history of IE when Freegate is closed. (This program supports only IE)

When we tested the program we found that the performance was not affected. Pages took longer to load. Some pages froze occasionally. But overall performance was good.

If what you need is to bypass IP-related restrictions Freegate is the program for you. It is simple, small and will not affect your work.

However, with simple tools you won’t be able to find how secure you are with your traffic. Therefore, play safe by closing down the program before you do anything sensitive such as making purchases or banking.

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