Does Windows Track Every Folder You Open?

ShellBag Analyzer & Cleaner

Anytime you create a folder, modify or access it on the PC of yours Windows records them in its registry. Nothing fishy is there as it is a part of records that are kept on your settings on folder view. It also maintains the list of favorite folders of yours. But it carries a privacy risk. A snooper could use these data to track your activities.

Volumes of information exposed to threat will vary but if you are not familiar with this issue you could use ShellBag AnalyZer & Cleaner and get some idea on what is happening.  Since there is no need to install the program and also there is no adware to manage with, you just need to run the program to view the picture.

Your report will have a table that allows you to sort the results the way you want. Just clicking on the header of a column will do the trick.

It is amazing to see what a lot of data are available in the list. When ShellBag AnalyZer & Cleaner was used on one PC, traces of as many as 5000 folders were found. These could stretch back to a few years.

Even deleted folders are there in the list. Dates they were opened are also available. As such, your deleting any sensitive information is not that effective.

If you think that you must not leave such information you could click on clean to find a solution. The program will delete the references. Also, it could scramble the data or even overwrite them so that no recovery is possible.

You need to be careful when using the program for this purpose. If you delete data for existing folders you will lose their explorer settings. Also, ShellBag AnalyZer & Cleaner could delete references of system files but this is “not recommended”.

These are not options available on default but you could use them. The only need is to use the program carefully.

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