Calculatormatik: A Calculator Packed Full With Features For Calculation And Conversion


Whenever you have the need of doing a quick calculation or item conversion, there are many internet resources available to help you. Google provides a lot of such resources; merely entering your calculation in your browsers search box will provide you with a lot of resources.

Notwithstanding, there remains a place to go for a calculator software, particularly one that has various functionalities. In that light, we discovered the Calculatormatik, an exceptionally multitalented tool which gathers 100 conversion and calculator-type preferences into a simple 198KB download.

Just normal for such program’s size, the boundary is, well, a bit fundamental. It is only an adjustable box with a catalog of a variety of calculators. These are prearranged in alphabetical order, as well instead of grouping them according to their forms, and it is a bit difficult to decipher through the names clearly what their functions are. However, when you commit a little bit more time, you will discover a number of practical tools.

Let’s consider the “Area Calculator”, for example. It sounds uncomplicated when you look at the name but its function is not to only work out the area of, a circle, or square for an example. You can as well choose to know the area of an ellipse, a kite, a triangle, trapezoid plus a lot more. It also has options that will help you to work out the surface area of cones, cylinders, spheres, a torus etc.

The “Weight Converter” is correspondingly diverse, with provision that would help you to convert grams and milligrams, pounds and ounces, grains, stones, Newtons, carats plus many more.

There are various tools for mathematics. It has a calculator for geometric progression, together with solvers of quadratic and simultaneous equations. Software-connected alternatives consist of a “Byte Converter” which converts across bits, bytes, kilobytes, megabytes plus many more. It also has a “Base64 to String” converter and “MD5 Hash” calculator. The program covers range of topics starting from the resistance of LED to the speed of Fishing Boat. All these functionalities are basic and have one or more issues; yet they have good features that make them useful.

For those who are not mathematics inclined; there is no need to fret, there are a lot of other tools which are of more general use accessible. You could see your age by just entering your date of birth in the Birthday Calculator. It would usually show up your age in months, weeks, days, hours and minutes, for example. Those who are dieting may find the Body Mass Index and Basal Metabolic Rate calculators very useful. There are also practical calculators which assist you to calculate the mortgage and lease repayments, composite attention and fuel expenditure. It also has non-calculative features like an uncomplicated stopwatch, or a haphazard password producer.

Calculatormatik has specific provision for enhancement. The interface requires improvement; No matter how far you adjust the size of the program window in a horizontal direction for example, the program will continue to show only two columns. The various types of calculator’s interfaces usually appear as if they have been unnerved jointly in seconds. And a few sort of program assistance will be added enhancements even though via the net.

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