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jAlbum AB has made available to the public a new version of its  web media album builder that is compatible with cross-platform. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. JAlbum 11.2 has its foundation on version 11’s extra support for inserting video clips and photos into online albums.

Version 11.2 permits users to incorporate video with no initial processing, affixes play button for improved identification and embraces many bug repairs. It’s the third negligible revision to jAlbum within 10 days after versions 11.1 and 11.15.

Fresh features in jAlbum 11.2 comprise a fresh option for placing orders. This feature is obtainable through the dropdown men. With this feature, users place order for Project .It is obtainable through the dropdown menu. It allows the users to sort their projects through name or previously used. This is connected by an alternative that permits users to insert videos straight into albums without prior processing. All you have to do is to right-click the video clip in jAlbum and choose “Include original” to achieve that.

Version 11.2 also adds an outstanding play button on top of video clip thumbnails in order to make them increasingly exclusive in comparison with photos. Users will also observe that tool-tips come into view on the screen for a longer time when moving over features. They take about 10 seconds in contrast to the former version which takes the duration of four-second.

Another feature that was restructured is the package Turtle skin to version 4.1, while remarkable bug repairs embrace modernizing the preview image anytime video clip sliders are pulled, mending a broken filter (SimpleFilter demo) and resolving a character indoctrination problem for EXIF and IPTC metadata.

Version 11.2 was introduced to the public just after nine days version 11.1 was released. This made available an extra option for users to merely connect to files instead of copying them into the jAlbum project folder. It also incorporated slight UI tweaks and functionality improvements. It also incorporated updates started in version 11.1.5, which was made public just five days after 11.1. Remarkable alterations made here incorporated renaming the “Use a folder thumbnail” alternative to “Make key photo” and raising it higher up the menu for context, a progress that was stimulated by iPhoto according to jAlbum AB.

JAlbum 11.2 is a free version that is downloadable only for personal Windows, Mac and Linux use. Available online albums are ad-supported. Users can obtain a license or JAlbum hosting account to eliminate these. The cost for the standard home-use license is $39.

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