Protect Your Computer With Panda Global Security 2014 Beta

Panda Global Protection 2014 Beta

Panda Security, another global computer security software company, has publicized the accessibility of its first security public beta software that gives all round protection for your home-use personal computer. The all–in–one security suite is the Panda Global Protection 2014 beta. The security suite makes available to you- antivirus security, firewall protection, identity theft safety, spam sifting, parental control/management, essential keyboard, home and online backup units, file encryption and destruction, and remote Personal Computer entrance.

Innovative features possessed by this security suite incorporate boot analysis for your PC. This allows for enhanced detection of the most hidden and sneakiest Trojans or viruses. With this innovation from Panda Security Company, users of Mac, IOS will heave a sigh of relief of finding security software that ensures that their apps are safe. There will also be protection available for users of Android devices soon.  You will find out details about Android devices by hitting the “Multi-device protection” button.

All these fantastic features are neatly packed in an interface very similar to that of Windows 8 and in a multi-colored that makes the front stylish and attractive.

The panda security suite is very easy to install. You can have it running with other computer security packages. You don’t have to remove those packages to use it but if you wish to do that to minimize the possibility of conflicts, there is no harm.

The surface is of high-quality and is in general straightforward to use. The Windows 8 type of interface is not yet 100% up and running, from time to time have to walk around a number of rather complex dialogs, but for the majority of times, it functions smoothly.

Another observation we made when we tested it is that the speed of performance is quite low. It took us a lot time to do routine scanning. Again, the installation of the Panda Global Protection 2014 security suite slows down the speed of other programs. We cannot conclude yet though, as it is not uncommon to have this kind of experience with anything beta.

On the whole, the Panda Global Security Suite has a widespread catalog of features, appears attractive and is for the majority of times simple to you. If your computer performance is not very good, you may consider not running the suite for long but apart from that the security suite appears capable. We are happy to wait and see how it develops.

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