Restore Right Click Menu And Other Annoyances Of Web Pages With RightToClick


Usually, web pages could be used the way you need. You could browse them right click and left click where you want and also you could leave the page when you want.

Unfortunately there are also sites that are not such straight forward. They disable right click facility and prevent copying content. May be there are some pages that are not easy to leave also. Though it is annoying to experience these, RightToClick which is a Firefox add-on offers you a way to fight back effectively.

RightToClick is easy to use. In case you find any difficulty when you visit a site you only need to click on the add-on bar icon of RightToClick. The software will disable the JavaScript functionality that brings about these effects and the site will become normal immediately.

However, this always will not happen for the simple reason RightToClick will not be able to disable the particular script that affects a certain function. Instead, it disables all the Java script functions. Therefore, it could affect even legitimate sites.


There is possibility for you to prevent the disabling of everything using options dialog box of RightToClick with which you could choose the area that you want disabled but it is easier said than done. For instance, you are not sure whether you are going to allow “event listeners” or to disable them.

However, this is not a serious issue. The only thing you need to do is to use RightToClick only when necessary. After use, switch it off every time.

You may not understand various options of RightToClick but you could guess most of them with their names. For instance, if you find a problem with drag and drop you could clear “Disable page drag/drop handlers”.

Though RightToClick may have some side effects that are not desirable it is a good way to get annoying web pages to behave normally. Better try it out yourself.

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