Travel The Subways Of The World Like A Local With Qmetro


It is a good to use subways for getting around in big cities. However, you need to prepare ahead to find your way. Since it is not easy looking at the layout of metro subways with the tiny screen of your smart phone the best thing is to use qMetro to make things easier.

Being an open source program that works on linux, Windows, OS X and many others it has 23 built in maps of subways of big cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Beijing and many others. There are another 200 available online. Also, you could create ones of your own.

Basic facilities available with qMetro will allow you to look at static maps of your chosen subways. There is the possibility to zoom and navigation is easy. When you close the program your current status with map will be saved.

However, the qMetro maps are not just images. You could click one station and learn how many minutes away you are from each of the stations in the map.

There is the possibility to get the program to calculate a rout for you by clicking on another station. Even travel time will be indicated.

There are certain interface irritations also with qMetro. If by chance you click anywhere else in the map, your chosen route will be cleared which sometimes is annoying.

Some of the functions also do not work the way you think. Due to lack of documentation you cannot educate yourself on them either.

Really, you need this program on mobile devices more than on desktops. But this program doesn’t enable you to print a route. Only you could copy one to clipboard to print it in another location.

However, core functionality of qMetro offers a lot. The maps are plenty. Since they are on open format you could add more. The route calculations are reliable. With a few refinements it could become a good program. As such, if you are interested in metros and maps this is a good program to try.

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