FileMind For Advanced File Searching


FileMind is a new tool that has been released to help users access their files and folders easily. It makes it easy to enjoy a great browsing experience and manage your files and folders.

FileMind offers plenty of exciting features that will impress many computer users. With a lot of similarities with major web browsers, this program is all you need to manage hyperlinks as well as tag clouds the easy way. Users can be able to get to the files they have been accessing frequently within a single click. The program offers labeling abilities and color coding so that it becomes easy to make the frequently used files for easy retrieval. FileMind is a great program that works in a similar manner as a web browser. If you need to access the frequently used folders and files through the toolbar, this program is all you need. When it comes to searching, FileMind is simply unmatchable. The program consists of a tag cloud that makes it possible to drill into the files that you want to retrieve. You can locate the file using the date it was last accessed/saved or through the use of file extensions and types.

A cursory examination of the program reveals that its success is eminent. Its versatility and new enhancements are some of the reasons that will contribute to the success of this tool. The address bar of the program also comes in handy when you want to search for files. You only have to type and the search results will be displaced within a short time. You also have the chance to click the right hand tags for further filtering and more accurate results. The FileMind is indeed a great answer to users who have had a rough time searching for files that they re not sure where to locate them.

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