Toolbar Cleaner Is Launched To Help You Take Control Of Your Browser

Toolbar Cleaner is a new tool that has been launched to enable users to protect their browsers from unwanted add-ons. The new tool has all it takes to protect your PC and make it free from unwanted add-ons that have always been a complete nuisance when you are browsing.

Apart from commercial applications, there are also freeware tools that can make your browsing experience a nightmare. Yet at the core of it, Set up programs also tend to pop-up whenever you access different websites. The resulting consequence means that the system will be sluggish and the entire registry unstable. Even more importantly, this can affect your browsing privacy. The new Toolbar Cleaner is all you need to review and take full control of your IE and Firefox. After the launch of the Toolbar cleaner, there will be a simple dialog box that can be able to list the BHOs and the IE toolbars. As such, it wild be easy to manage your entire plug ins and the extension for Firefox and Google chrome.

Users can learn more about the new tool by right clicking and going to the properties section. Far from that, it is equally easy to remove any extension that you no longer need. It is a simple process that needs the user to select a check box and then execute by clicking on the remover button. Nonetheless, it is important to know that the new cleaner does not uninstall the extension but only removes its specific reference. For instance, if the user tries to remove the IE toolbar, its core DLLs will still be present in the system but the toolbar will not be visible after restarting the computer. However, the program can launch the control panel paving the way for the user to install any application. There is no doubt that the Toolbar Caner is an admirable and compact tool that does not consume space in the hard drive. Use it to review your browser add-ons.

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