Opera Mail Goes It Alone Saying Good Bye To Its Browser

Opera mail

Opera Mail

The first stable release of its mail client has been released by opera. Base of Opera Mail is the integrated Opera email client available with the current Opera 12.15FINAL. But it is due to be done away when the next release of the current Opera 15.0 Next which is in alpha stage at present.

Opera Mail is going to be fast and also light in weight. It will mirror the functionality that was there in the earlier versions of opera that include filtering, labeling, thread support as well as multiple tabs.

As same as many of the other third party clients Opera Mail also supports IMAP and POP3 protocols. Also, it supports an array of email providers that are web based. These include Gmail, Yahoo, hotmail and MobileMe. Its setup is straightforward. It is sufficient to provide an email address and a password. Users are able to import their mail from clients other than Opera using setup wizard.

Though other clients store emails in folders Opera Mails doesn’t do so. Instead, it integrates them into one database and users are offered with facilities to filter them and to view them using a range of tools. With the left hand side bar all these options could be accessed. Things such as mail folders and attachments are automatic but users are able to organize messages manually by labels. They could do the same by selecting specific threads for following in order to access them quickly and easily.

While it is straightforward to use, the welcome email gives a good overview on the capabilities of the program and also with links to tutorials as well as online help. In order to help you to switch views quickly, the application also supports tabs. It also allows its users to monitor RSS feeds as well as newsgroups.

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