Learn When A PC Was Shutdown Or Turned On With The Help Of TurnedOnTimesView


Nirsoft the developer of many freeware has released its newest software of TurnedOnTimesView which is able to monitor and report when your PC was switched on restarted or shut down.

This program has some applications that could monitor your system. For instance, if you want to know if any family member of yours is using the family PC in the midnight you only need to have TurnedOnTimesView installed in your PC and it will monitor everything and will provide you with a report.

The report you get provides information that could be helpful on PC trouble shooting as well. You will be able to find the length of time between restarts for instance. The process that is responsible for a particular restart and entries such as “shutdown code” or “reason” could be helpful in explaining the reason for a particular shutdown.

A report generated by TurnedOnTimesView could also provide other details that are more general on the way a computer is being used. If the “shutdown process” lists as Explorer.exe it is a regular shut down. Instead, if you see “Msiexec.exe” that means the shutdown was due to the completion of an installation or an uninstallation.

It is not necessary to install an additional program to obtain these details. TurnedOnTimesView is able to collect them directly from the event log of your PC. Therefore, you could run the program anywhere you need and it starts working immediately.

There are also usual conveniences offered by Nirsoft in this program. Display of reports is there in a storable table. You could get sorted details by clicking on any column header. This makes it easy to use the information found in the report meaningfully.

Nirsoft export options are also there with TurnedOnTimesView and the reports could be saved on CSV, TXT, HTML and many other formats that will allow you easy reference. In order to see what you could do you just need to click anywhere in the table.

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