Replace Task Manager With Process Liquidator

The Task Manager is a great resort to computer users as it can make difficult things easy. Everything every process that disobey the user command can get terminated with the Task Manager. You simply need to press the Alt, CTRL, Del – all at a time. The Task Manager window will appear, you select the process you want to terminate then press the End Process button, that’s all. The above statement is nothing new, we all know about it. What is new in this setting is the appearance of Process Liquidator. The Process Liquidator is the alternative of the task manager we have been using for long. It is designed as a simple program that can display all the processes running in the background of your PC and users can terminate any such program of their choice with a single click. No hassle and no change with the task manager operation, right? Then why we are talking about the Process Liquidator?

Process Liquidator has eliminated the tab presses. It works with cursor movement, it has eased the use of Task Manager functions. With simple mouse movement on the right side of the icons tray the program will give you the view you need to see. Available in compact download format, the Process Liquidator comes with bunches of sterling features for computer users. You can hand select those feature bunch or decline them at their entirety. The Process Liquidator takes lesser resources for operation.

Unlike the task manager the Process Liquidator offers detail information on the processes. It covers processes association, platform information, owner and the publisher details. With that much detail information you can quickly identify which program needs to run and which one needs a termination.  It means you can comprehensive control over the processes and access to their relevant information for quick decision-making.

You can easily drag and drop the panel on any place of your screen. This customization will also include the dialog box’s appearance. You can configure the functionalities. Assign functional value for left or right click, double click or the delete function. You can also decide to get warning notification before terminating a process that actually is a OS component. You can terminate multiple processes at a time. The program will start automatically as the machine starts after the installation. You can tweak the look of the program. We recommend the Process Liquidator program for users with little advanced skills who needs to know the processes they are terminating.  The Process Liquidator has simplified the functionalities of the Task Manager with much detail and control.

Download Process Liquidator

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