Universal Dictionary, Spell Checker And A Thesaurus Offered By Wordweb 7.0


A new version of WordWeb Free 7 which is their universal thesaurus and spell checker has been released for Windows users who speak English by WordWeb software based in UK. When the program is running users could find definitions as well as alternatives for words.

The latest version offers revised definitions as well as related words together with new audio pronunciations. While it supports Windows 7 and 64-bit systems one-click integration also is improved to integrate with other programs.

This simple to use program offers portable installation as well. The icon placed on the task bar allows you to activate it.

Its design is such that it could be used on a context-sensitive way within any application installed in your PC. Using right click on words while holding the [ctrl] button down or by pressing [ctrl] +[Alt] + [W] you have the option to view the definition of a selected word.

While you have the option to view definitions of words you also could use options to look for spellings for adjectives, nouns, verbs and so on. There is a series of tabs that provide tools of thesaurus and spelling. If you are checking spelling you only need to click the dropdown list for suggestions.

If you are looking for an already existing word, additional options that are context sensitive are displayed. There are synonyms too. It is possible to replace a word by selecting it and clicking “Replace”.

WordWeb also offers a tool bar to manually search for words, browse for words used previously and even to read them back.

There are hotkeys also with version 7 that could retrieve words easily. It could automatically get support of third party programs and other dictionaries as well.

Windows PCs with XP or later could download WordWeb Free 7.0 free. It starts with a 30 day trial and reverts to the free version after 30 days. It will cost you $19 to purchase but if you take less than 2 plain flights a year you will get it free.

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