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This would be little late to inform you that the search giant Google has finally got hold of your data and information storage with the Google Drive 1.11. However what makes the real difference or why we are bring

ing this topic back to you is many of its features that users repeatedly failed to make the best use of. Let us start with the shortcuts that are adding to your strength of creating new documents with permission access to arbitrary users. On top of this it comes as synchronizing directory facility.


So what you can expect from the Google Drive 1.11 finally. Here you go. The recent release got bug fixes that kept the Mac-ers annoyed for long. If you are using the drive from Windows you may not have experienced the bugs. The developers have cleaned up the technology platform therefore this version requires you to uninstall the old ones and install the new one. It will not help you much if you simply go for upgrading as the developers have wiped many things from inside that are less likely to come back again in the future. Check now if you have your Google Drive working fine even after being the latest one. If it is not working you missed to uninstall the old one but just upgraded it! The new release has three shortcuts for its docs, sheets and slides section. Clicking any will get you launched with the respective domain. This added feature did not limit the old method of creating new document for populating, instead, it has excelled the use. Users can now choose their own name to select files for synchronization directory. This comes as Google’s experience of the user who keeps on creating new to newer drive folder. In terms of speed and performance enhancement Google Drive 1.11 has insignificant improvement to it.


For Mac users the bug fixes include frequent crash on Snow Leopard, Column view’s Finder menu and etc. Google Drive 1.11 is a freeware that any one can try and it is cloud based technology that rarely falls in the definition of software! Create a Google account or have a Google Mail account? – Google Drive will be easy to pose for you with 15GB space in the cloud.


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