Keep The Screen Alive But Lock The Keys With KeyFreeze


Do you sit next to your PC all the day long? None of us do that. In some cases we repeatedly leave the PC open which is an incident when anyone can get into your computer. Therefore turning the PC off every now and then can seem a good choice while it is practically a practice that can damage your hard drive. So what you can do? You can try the KeyFreeze. The KeyFreeze is a new kind of activity monitor program designed to keep your screen alive while locking the keypads. The KeyFreeze comes as the frenzy solution to watching movies or doing some other things like playing games with your dear and near ones without hampering the enjoyment and without putting the stored in data accessible to others. The KeyFreeze will simply keep the monitor active and lock the keyboard commands.

The 341KB self executing file is very sharp and alert in guarding your privacy. And indeed it is far better than the Windows Lock functionality. All you need to do is unzip the file and it will be all set for you. If you require launching the program click on its icon and leave it. The program will stream the video and gaming content for others by locking the hard drive. The command will effectively start functioning soon you click to it to go by the 5 to 0 countdown. Whenever you need to resume the computer press Alt+Ctrl+Del – the computer will be back to normal.

For many the KeyFreeze program’s work style may appear confusing. However if you think of the instance where you have friends and guests in your home to watch movies for long – this tool will be highly useful. Keep in mind that the tool is not a antivirus guard, neither a theft protector. It is completely a different type of functional tool that does not belong to the ordinary definition of security software. And again, it performs like a protection while it is not actually a protective mechanism. You will have the blessings of downloading the KeyFreeze program once for all if you have kids and pets in your home who loves to press keys of your computer.

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