DNS Changer – What You Need To Know?

DNS Changer

DNS Changer

The internet today is rigged with dangerous malware that affects the performance of your PC. One of the worst viruses that can affect your computer badly is the infamous Trojan horse, which set the bar high for many viruses out there. That being said, it is paramount that PC users protect their computers. One very smart and inexpensive way of doing this is by changing your DNS servers. This guarantees reduced risk by blocking phishing frauds. For parents changing your DNS servers protects your children from inappropriate websites. Ultimately changing your DNS servers improves your browsing speed, which is a huge plus. Smart DNS Changer is a diverse network utility, which changes your DNS server, Mac address and PC proxy settings. The program installs quickly. Do not expect any adware, as is the norm with most programs in this category. In a matter of seconds, the program is up and running.

Smart DNS Changer contains four useful tools that are all crafted to make the program serve you better. First is the DNS Changer. This changes DNS settings to filter or non-filter you internet connection. There are types of DNS Changer settings, the first being Filtered DNS. This blocks non-family friendly websites, malware, phishing and fraud sites, protects from virus infections and fraudulent content. The second setting is the Non-filtered DNS, which allows non-family friendly websites, but at the same time blocks malware, phishing and fraud sites and protects from fraudulent content.

Another useful tool is the DNS Kid Shield. Smart DNS Changer helps you to classify different DNS server settings either filtered or non-filtered for each computer user. Immediately a user logs into his/her account, then the DNS settings automatically change to the pre-set settings for that specific user. This helps the parents to protect children from adult sites and frauds that could harm them.

Another useful tool is the Mac address changer. In the event that your internet connection is blocked a network administrator, you can use the Mac address changer to change your network Mac address to connect to the internet. Lastly there is the Proxy Changer This allows you to change your proxy settings in order to hide your internal network information from websites. The program is very efficient. It brings to the table a quality that many programs in the same category do not have and that is the ability to set DNS settings for different users.

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