Image For Windows 2.9 – The New Way For Data Back Up And Restoration

Image For Windows 2.9

Image for Windows is a backup and restoration program package that is used for backing up hard drive data to other external drives and servers. Image for Windows works simply by creating snapshots of a cross section of the drive or the whole drive as desired by the user. The software then allows you to save backups to local or network drives or burn them to a DVD/DVD R/DVD RW or a CD/CD R/CD RW. The application allows you to restore the data as needed and can be completely restored into a new drive.

Why is this one of the best data backup applications? It boasts of the following features, it is totally reliable. Verify every byte it stores or creates a back up.  It is convenient. Get the true image of your Windows partition by running it with the PHYLock addon – in fact you will not have to reboot the system.

It offers excellent security features that can be secured with simple ye effective security passwords. It offers maximum speed. Speed is important when doing any backup process especially if you have a lot of data on your computer. The application offers this speed and in no time the backup is complete. The application also offers a huge drive support. The application is compatible with drives larger than 2 terabits.

The application is very flexible. It allows you restore partitions regardless of the file system. It is compatible from Windows 98 or even DOS. The application also offers network support. It saves backups to any drive that is accessible to Windows itself.

The application is cheap and cost-effective. Upon purchase of the application for DOS this comes with Image for Linux version completely free.

The application proves to be efficient and reliable. It is at the top of its peers in this category.

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