GoodSync – The Revolution In File Management



All those photos, emails, documents, videos and music that you have scattered all over the place now can be easily managed thanks to the GoodSync software. This revolutionary software comes at a time when the internet age seems to keep on scaling upwards. It comes at a time when more and more people have too many unmanaged files that they can’t seem to keep track of.

GoodSync is the latest software from a series of efficient synchronization programs that are currently in the market. This is a product of Siber Systems the very same makers of Roboform. GoodSync basically synchronizes and backs up all your files and documents between your desktop, laptops, servers and external drives. The program is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Upon download and installation, you will be greeted by a simple “Windows Explorer” sort of interface. You will be asked to either create a job which means new sync or create a back up. All this can be quite overwhelming for the inexperienced user but hope is not lost because at the bottom of that introductory interface there is a click option that says “Tutorial”. This online tutorial comes highly recommended for new users.

From there the rest is typically a walk over and if it gets overwhelming, then do not fret, step-by- step pop-up windows will hold your hand through the whole operation. The set up is simple and hustle free. Simply search for the two folders you would like synchronized, pick the specific files you want included in the synchronization and click on sync. Just like that the folders selected had the same content.

But to add to the master piece, is the ability to sync to cloud. Yes GoodSync also synchronizes your stored data from different cloud-based storage services such as Google Drive and Amazon S3

Though the whole set up can prove challenging, this tool will be worth the time spent. It is a must have.

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