FileSearchy – Fast And Secure Searching Tool For Your Desktop


Look for any file in your computer with faster result using the FileSearchy the free desktop tool for personal use. Try the new software to search any file by its format, full or partial file name. FileSearchy comes with extensive file searching codes that allow users to install easily and launch the program from the desktop.

FileSearchy has a simple and straightforward user interface to add comfort and simplicity to users searching for any file. It has a search box where you need to insert the name or other relevant information of a file to locate it. The search results will appear underneath the search box. Users also have the option to open any file right from the search result box by double clicking on it. Alternatively you can click on view it to see the file.

One of the core advantages of using FileSearchy is its searching options. The software combine different searching criteria like location, format, file size, modification date etc. It is also possible to copy paste files across different locations using the software. Users can reap most of the advantages of using the FileSearchy program by customizing the configuration based on user preference. For instance users can specify which drive to look for, what sorts of files to index, what to exclude from search. You will find all of these along with a default search settings.

Though the program is sleek and simple, it can go under further improvement as in few testing phases the FileSearchy got hung up and freezed. Apparently the software is nice and helpful if you find the operating system built searching tool inefficient enough. On such cases you better make your search faster with FileSearchy.

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