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JPEG & PNG Stripper

Do you know whenever you take a photo of yourself and your loved ones using a digital camera, the camera programming software not only creates the photo but also store important relevant information in the file properties information? For many of us these are known as the metadata. Metadata can be a strong clue to retrieve important information and sometimes can provide con people with ground to breach your privacy arrangements. This case becomes much more vulnerable if you are using the latest genre of cameras that GPS powered and offer ‘interactive intelligence’. They not only create the picture or photo but also store information like date taken, model, camera owner name, comments etc. yes, these information help in managing in your album but they also make your privacy weaker. Try the JPEG&PNG Stripper a upper class software that will strip away all such data and tags from your photographs.

As explained in above that use of JPEG&PNG Stripper is a circumstantial necessity but when organizing the pictures into albums, you will see the stripping the tags and data have actually resulted in recovering disk space to your computer. Yes, with stripping tags and data by the JPEG&PNG Stripper actually gives you another secondary benefit of recovering disk space and utilizing the storage capacity more efficiently.

The simple coding has turned the software into a high performing tool to strip images and pictures and graphic files metadata. Simply drag the files you want to strip and drop them to the software window. And from the name of the tool you can understand it is currently supporting two formats. The tool also gives you the power to customize or modify the meta details of the photos. You can make copy of the files to your need. The program can also work as a searching tool like if you want to get a logo or other image files from a specific program. Users have the option to add the program in the Windows explorer so that you can use it with a right click.

JPEG&PNG Stripper is a simple software offering specific benefits over its simple appearance and faster processing capabilities. This tool will be an ideal one to download and use for graphic designers! JPEG&PNG Stripper is quick!

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