XXCopy – Yes! You Got It Right The Tool Is All About That


Not only that you can copy those files, folders, directory of folders and much more with this powerful Windows command line software. The software can self stop and start the copying in any environment whether the network falls or remains up. Designed as a simple basic software program the XXCopy is a free program with significant features built with it for the users.

If you are looking to creating a back up of your resources, XXCopy can generate a list for you to select the file from based on multiple criteria like date, time etc. You will also get the scope to copy between older and newer file with this program. In fact, a running change within a document cannot escape the XXCopy’s scanning. It will prompt you of all changes from version to version if required. It can make things complex unless you are confident in what you are doing  and the rest of the challenge you can leave with the XXCopy program. It helps your copying with synchronization and can synchronize changing files as well.

Few of XXCopy’s other important feature include quota settings; the software will be preprogrammed to stop working once its quota gets fulfilled. It can similarly used to manage and manipulate the disk storage limits. The tool has extensive capability of dealing and managing low level files that are tiny in size and shape and comes from diverse classes. Copy pasting can never get so much programmed and organized in the way that XXCopy is offering you. You can control how far to copy and where to halt and where to roll backward. You get the systematic control over commands or tasks that you frequently let your computer to do. And that means your advantage comes at the cost of using the software properly. For sure the tool is user friend with its pretty interface and you will not face hard time figuring out the g spot of it.

While some tasks you can automate using the XXCopy and in few aspects of its design and program codes the tool require some more advancement. What you can get now with the XXCopy will still give you more than what you need as a command line tool. Trust me!

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