Throw Your Notepad – Grab The Jovial Notepad

Jovial Notepad

Get the all new Jovial Notepad for your computer. It is a sleek and simple tool combined with many interesting features covering capabilities to highlight the urls, texts are clickable and gives you the liberty of inserting any sign or symbols in the text.

The new Jovial Notepad is completely different from the one you get as built in with your Windows operating system. It contains a status bar to display you the date, location etc information. The program design is adapted from the Window’s RTF concept. It is developed on the Rich Text control format where you will get the advantages of WordPad like control over traditional Notepad settings. You can change the font colors, highlight them, insert bullet and pointed list to your test. The Jovial Notepad have exceeded everyone with the drag and drop feature that makes  the users to drag a text and drop it to different part of the text.

Contemporary case sensitivity matters are also incorporated in the software. With Jovial Notepad you can use both the upper and lower case texts. You can also set the Title case to your work. For advanced users the program has encryption and decryption functional abilities. All you need to encrypt or decrypt a text is to insert the key to the edit menu. It is not even harder to do because of the user friendly interface.

The Jovial Notepad also offers you built in features for highlighting the SQL and XML syntax. However,  you need to be little patient with operating such a command because being impatient can corrupt the text or the file. Lastly the program include a built in math evaluator. It is not a calculator but can clearly display the mathematical expressions and interpretations. This part also require you to be little attentive as the coding for these parts of the program require further modification and improvement. Apart from these, you can try downloading the free to use Jovial Notepad and make the best use of the tool easily.

Download Jovial Notepad

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