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NxFilter is the new DNS based filter that can control the internet access from your computer. The new tool compromises with capabilities of blocking website addresses, specific category of content and can be programmed to have certain operation blacklisted on the web using your computer. So, what does it all mean? How is NxFilter benefitting you? Well, that are the questions we are to answer in this article.

NxFilter is primarily a security software program for personal computers that secures the PC’s internet access within a networked environment.  The tool has built in phishing protection through packet transfer system. It can distinguish between bots and malware. It can control access if you set it up with user, time, quota and other related information.

One fact can give you hard time with the NxFilter, that is, it is kinda hard to install. If you are not experienced to work with DNS server it will not be easier to deal. Otherwise you will get the software installation to be sensible enough. The NxFilter can also prepare report based on its activity. You will come to know what got blocked, when and why. NxFilter is much flexible to use on an expert hand. The free software program is superb in changing the DNS server based addresses. You may try it today to gain your control beyond your computer.

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