Anvisoft Slim Toolbar – The latest On-Demand Tool For Removing Malicious Content

Anvi Soft Slim Toolbar

The greatest surprise that you may come across with the Anvisoft Slim Toolbar is that it is a free web surfing security tool. The given program and codings would assist one to watch the real time and various on-demand and requirement tools so that the so that it can help in providing on-demand and free version of the given security tool.

In addition, the program even provides assistance for removing the malicious add ons like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer. Here the real time Guard would simply detect the given add on when they are installed and also when alerts are displayed in case if there is any kind of problem. Even there are certain options, where one would warn individuals about the various available new kinds of add on.

Sometimes it could be useful to view what the given installation program is going to add into the system. Also there is the simple and on-demand option called scanning which could help in checking out the addons as and when required. The Manage tool would simply list out the current browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. So, there are a huge list of browsers and one may not find suitable means to customize the views.

In addition, the Slim Toolbar provides a ‘Browser Repair’ option which is even though is basic when compared to what you think about. Even the low-level tweakery which is present in most of the tools are there and this helps in restoring the default search and home pages.

Even though one may feel that there are small issues present with this tool, still it is quite easy to use and has hoards of features which might make it one of the best usage in designing and even scanning the extension of the browser.

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