Thinking of Removing Unnecessary Popups, Check out Overlay Blocker

Overlay Blocker

A common problem that we at times come across is while browsing the website. As and when we are surfing the web and getting engrossed on the brief descriptions of the content, we suddenly get disturbed with the various overlays which crop up and block our view. Isn’t it annoying? And this is quite especially when you are trying to view and show useful data.

Sometimes by clicking the close button (i.e. x) it will allow you to get rid of the given popup, and you would be able to do the work which you were previously doing. In case if there is no ‘x’ or in case if it is hidden, then you are really in need of certain assistance. Basically, the Overlay Blocker is nothing but a simple extension of the Chrome and it makes it easy for any individual to close the popup overlays even though there is button or not.

The various add-on is one which makes the Chrome interface quite visible and it is made visible to the Chrome. Just right click the given page and you are bound to see the new ‘Remove overlay’ present in the menu. So, in case if you are disturbed with an overlay, then all you have to do is right click the given option and choose the ‘Remove overlay’ and it would display the result immediately.

Now despite the name this tool has got, Overlay Blocker won’t keep a track or record the actions done by you. Therefore, it means that it would never block the given overlay in the near future and there would be no record of the pages and sites which were accessed or need to be managed. The sole purpose here is taking off or avoiding the overlays on requirement.

In order to know more features, just download the given tool and check out for yourself.


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