Calculations have become easier by HIPER Calc


There has been a great improvement in Windows Calculator since couple of years. Usually it opens in a standard view, but you can even get Scientific, Statistics or Programmer module along with date conversion option, calculations using date and much more.

Using the free HIPER Calc Scientific Calculator may seem to look as a regular scientific calculator. But the fact is, it is more portable and compactable and has greater features and functions that make it interesting. The free calculator is a basic one and could be found in the market.

HIPER Calc Scientific Calculator may look like a normal calculator, but you could switch between landscape and portrait modules. You can use buttons or enter calculations on the keyboard and the results would appear on the screen immediately. Multiple calculations can be done to get the desired result  quickly.

Basic operations are available in plenty and are extended in various ways. You can set precisions that are customized upto 100 decimal places and have exponents that are 9 places. You are even provided with unlimited braces that can be used and 10 memories that are used to store intermediate results.

There are also other functions like roots, trigonometry, logarithms, powers etc. Unusual tools such as random numbers, permutations, combinations, greatest common divisors and least common multipliers are available too.

Also you can get support of hyperbolic functions, fixed point, conversion of minutes and seconds, degrees, improper and mixed fractions, engineering and scientific format for display and much more.

You never know which of these are required. HIPER Calc Scientific is not aimed for novice people. But if you can get some help from some sources, most of these functions do have tools that are simple and could help in moving to the right direction. Use of these type of calculators could help in various fields and jobs.

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