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The Cofeshow is a simple and free Mac and Window program which can be used for converting the selected image to a high definition and animated slideshow (video). In addition, the Cofeshow is a bit different from other kind of tools and it becomes quite obvious the moment when it is about 250MB more to download.

Now the question is why would one need to bloat about this. The wizard kind of interface is quite awesome and cool. There are no right click options, menus, complex dialogs and just like a normal app, this is full of desktop apps.  Basically, you get only six kind of bundled templates with various themes like Denim, Birthday Party,  Magic Tree, etc. All these so called themes are just aimed to the home users, however one can even see that there is a unique and neutral template like “Black” which can be apt for any kind of work or purpose.

Just select a particular template and the so called animation software Cofeshow would walk one through the basic process of developing the slideshow. In addition, you could add the individual images, soundtrack, and even entire folder like Text Scene which would have a caption placed between the photos and drop and drag them as per ones choice.

The basic and one of the absolutely great omission is that one cannot put or place a length on the time frame for a slide which could be either displayed individually or globally. Now this could be going to be a great issue for various people however, there are other great issues. The major issue is that you won’t be able to show the captions on the images and chances are there that there is no matching slideshow for the given length of the soundtrack.

Therefore, there is no doubt that Cofeshow is one of the best tool to use.

Download Cofeshow

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  • Sara

    My family was so happy to watch animated video slideshow I’ve done with Cofeshow. You should try it by your self!

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