Farnatech Advanced IP Scanner gets detailed network reports

Advanced IP Scanner

An early update on the network tool namely Advanced IP Scanner Version 2.4 was announced by Farnatech. The program does cover details about different network printers, devices such as router, printer and other peripherals and also regarding various operating systems of computers that are remotely connected.

Also it can detect services such as HTTP, FTP that are offered by displaying various versions and names. To access your resources remotely, you can use FTP, HTTP clients and also SSH and Telnet. There are also other normal things of  improvements technically such as quicker scanning possibility, small interface and greater fixing of bugs that are available.

The features of IP Scanner are as follows

  • Scanning of network in few seconds.
  • Dectection of network including Wi-fi routers and devices that are wireless.
  • Scanning of port and finding HTTP, FTP, RDP and sharing of folders.
  • Connecting PCs that run on Radmin Server with one click.
  • Shut down of computers by remote way.
  • Running ping, telnet, SSH commands and tracert on a selected computer.
  • Wake on LAN that supports.
  • Lists of favorites for network management for easy use.
  • Export to formats like HTML or CSV.
  • Easy and friendly interface for users.

A quick analysis of the program does give results that are mixed with responses from  general republic. A recent analysis reported that NAS that runs on Linux was not able to understand the type that is used in the devices.

Inspite of that, Advanced IP Scanner Version 2.4  is easy to use, fast and available free. They have regular and installation options that are portable and have various good features which makes it usable. To manage a smaller network and monitoring purpose, then a smaller network like this would be of great help to people.

Download Advanced IP Scanner

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