Getting your notepad replaced by Jane

There are few notepad that have functions that are easy and quick for editing text and has made life easier. Menus and dialogs are in expanded form having useful extras. Jane, considered one of the free to use personal editor is a very different and has many standards that ignores the usual and has its own features. This certainly does not go well with everyone. But the program does have good features to be explored.

Jane is a portable program having 0.5 MB download with no adware or extras included. Once Jane was launched, our opinion totally changed. The display settings were default with fonts being tiny in size and background dark. These are hard to read and there were shortcut codes that were odd and interface that was basic. The interface being basic does not support tabs that are used for various documents.

Having separate FileList does make it possible to open various files and switch various files. The program does have various features that make this overall a successful and worthy. The program does checks and highlights the links in the document by initially clicking the links and these links automatically opens in a separate browser. Also by right clicking the text make you search for it in two separate search engine.

Various features for manipulation and processing for text are available in the program. You can remove the empty lines, reverse the lines, remove the characters or delete them. These are done from the current place they are positioned from the start or end from the line and much more.

Having a detailed settings can help to configure or add extra features. You can use Jane as a  separate styles for font, delete from the random list if they are not available or you can save files if you plan to preserve. All these can be done within a click of your mouse or button.

Download Jane

Download Jane Portable

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